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Places of worship
Abbey of San Fabiano in Prato
An episcopal seminary and a church can be found in the heart of this complex
Antica Badia di San Fabiano
Via S. Fabiano, 20, 59100 Prato PO, Italia

The Episcopal Seminary in Prato stands next to the centuries-old Abbey of San Fabiano (which existed as far back as 1082), a place of welcome for pilgrims and the sick, which was left to the Franciscan minors in 1726. In 1783, they were transferred to San Domenico and the convent was occupied by the Seminary (founded by Bishop Gherardi in 1682).

The former convent building retains the appearance it adopted in 1726, possibly designed by Pier Simone Vannetti, and is structured around a courtyard. It houses works from the 16th to the 18th centuries, amongst which are a painting by Rosi in the refectory and a painting of Franciscan Saints by Michele delle Colombe (1580 ca). Inside, you can also find a library, initially established to support the theological and humanistic studies of its students and enriched over time by donations, now regularly open to external users.

Also accessible through a rear courtyard, the adjoining Church of San Fabiano has a fa├žade built with alberese stone with a two-tone portal; the original terracotta bell tower, topped with an octagonal pyramid, was built around 1510.  Inside, the original structure of three naves divided by arches on pillars is partially visible, in spite of the significant neo-Romanesque renovations (Adelio Colzi); exquisite fragments of floor mosaics have been repositioned on the walls, with spiral motifs on a dark background enclosing mythological animals, panthers and crosses; in front of the 18th century choir there is a beautiful wooden crucifix from the 16th century.