Antonio Mordini Civic Museum of Barga
An itinerary to discover Barga’s past
Museo Civico del Territorio Antonio Mordini
Via del Duomo, 1, 55051 Barga LU, Italia

The Antonio Mordini Civic Museum is housed in the medieval Palazzo Pretorio, the former residence of the chief authorities of Barga. The gallery takes its name from Antonio Mordini who opposed the Grand-Ducal Government. He was exiled but subsequently, after a tumultuous political career, was appointed as Senator of the Kingdom by Umberto I in 1996.

The museum documents the paleontological aspects of the Serchio Valley, the archaeological aspects of the territory of Barga (Ligurian tombs and Etruscan bronzes) and the artistic works of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The first two rooms display the paleontological and archaeological fossils. Three rooms are dedicated to the Middle Ages and the early Renaissance, particularly significant given it is the era of the Duomo, another large museum near the museum itself. Also noteworthy are the parish church of Loppia and the sacred furnishings.

Descend into the centuries-old prison. Recent studies have allowed us to reconstruct the layout of a dungeon and torture chamber. In this way, we can understand a past in which the way of conceiving and exercising justice was very different from today's.