Archeological Museum of Etruscan Civilization in Pitigliano
Itinerary with artefacts from the Poggio Buco necropolis

The Archeological Museum of Etruscan Civilization in Pitigliano, located in a wing of Palazzo Orsini, conserves a collection of mostly Etruscan artefacts dating to the Archaic period (7th-6th centuries BCE) that were discovered during excavations at the Poggio Buco necropolis and in Pitigliano.

The museum is divided into two sections: the first includes materials related to the necropolis, the exhibition’s main nucleus, while the second has artefacts coming from the settlement.

Visitors can admire many vases and ceramics, such as an olla decorated with a male figure and an animal (630 BCE), a Caeretan amphora with decoration attributed to the Pittore di Marsiliana (late 7th BCE), a biconical urn with a painted geometrical decoration (8th BCE) and a fragment of a black-figure kylix from Attica attributed to the circle of Exekias (530 BCE).