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Naturalistic attractions
Astronomical Observatory of Capannori
An observation station in a panoramic position of the Piana di Lucca

Via di Valle, 41, 55012 Capannori LU, Italia

The Astronomical Observatory of Capannori (A.O.C.) joins professional or amateur astronomical observation with eyes on the panoramas of the Piana di Lucca, visible from a privileged position on a magnificent terrace.

The observation station is located on Mount Gallonzora in Capannori, in an area where the absence of artificial lights allows to explore the sky without any disturbance.

The observatory is accessible by single professional astronomers, amateur astronomers and researchers in the ambient metric field, but also by individual citizens and school groups.

The structure comprises a control room and a telescope room equipped with a large dome of 3.5 metres in diameter. The four telescopes that make up the instrumentation are compatible for different uses: night use, day use, scientific, educational and dissemination activities.

Access to the facility is free of charge, by booking the visit in advance with specialist staff.

The Observatory is an ideal destination for science enthusiasts and for those who love peace and silence, spending a lovely evening observing the stars in a corner that is immersed in nature, just a few kilometres from the urban centre.