Historical Buildings
Bardini Villa and Garden
A green and elegant oasis in the heart of the city of Florence
Costa San Giorgio

Villa Bardini, with its wonderful Garden, is located in one of the most spectacular points in Florence and is an exhibition center home to the Capucci Museum, Annigoni Museum and other temporary exhibitions and special events.

Originally called Villa Manadora, it was built in the 1600s by the architect Gherardo Silvani: its splendid panoramic position earned it the nickname Villa Belvedere, a building the recalls the Casini di Delizia that were spread throughout Florence between the end of the 1500s and early 1600s, built for the nobility and surrounded by decorative greenery. After belonging to various aristocratic and wealthy families, in 1913 it was bought by Stefano Bardini and is today an exhibition center opened to the public.

The Bardini Garden, which is part of the Boboli museum network, extends for around 4 hectares and includes three different areas that once were part of the Villa: the large, central, Baroque staircase, the English garden to the west and the farming area to the east.

The staircase leads through the terraced garden to the overlook from which visitors can admire all of Florence and, in the spring, the spectacular blossoming of wisteria, not to mention the numerous varieties of iris flowers and the delicate Bengal roses.

The Pietro Annigoni Museum hosts a rich collection of works by the painter and was established to promote one of the most emblematic artists of the Italian 20th century, in the city where he fully matured and developed his talents. On display are his most celebrated early self-portraits, various portraits of his relatives, medals, lithographs, drawings and objects found in his studio after his death.

The Roberto Capucci Museum pays tribute to the work of the great fashion designer, who was declared by Cristian Dior to be the best creator of Italian fashion at just 26 years old. In the four exhibition rooms, visitors can enjoy a permanent collection of his creations, including clothing characterized by the elegance of the materials and forms and the variation between strong and neutral colours: clothing conceived of as masterpieces of modernity, from which emerge forms that are almost futuristic and original.

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