Boccaccio’s House in Certaldo
The residence of one of the great masters of Italian literature

Boccaccio’s House is a museum dedicated to promoting awareness about the work and figure of the illustrious poet, author of the Decameron, who was born in the village of Certaldo in 1313.

The building, which according to meticulous documents was the home of Giovanni Boccaccio, conserves only a few traces of the original medieval structure, which was rebuilt after it was damaged during World War II.

The house museum displays furniture, furnishings and explanatory panels that document the life and writings of the master.

In the Poet’s Room, or Stanza della Poeta, visitors can also admire a fresco by the Florentine painter Pietro Benvenuti, which depicts Boccaccio at his desk and was commissioned by the Marchioness Carlotta Lenzoni dei Medici in 1826.

The building is currently the site of the Centro Nazionale di Studi sul Boccaccio and a small Boccaccio-related library with some exquisite illustrated editions of the Decameron: the great author’s masterpiece, written between 1349 and 1351, became famous especially thanks to some of its humorous and obscene short stories.

During a restoration, numerous pairs of 15th-century men’s and women’s shoes were discovered, which constitute a curious and absolutely rare testimony of the period’s fashion styles.