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Naturalistic attractions
Protected Area of the Calvana Mountains
Chalky rocks, cave exploring and the perfect starting point for a series of fascinating excursions
Calvana, 50041 Calenzano FI, Italia

The Calvana mountain chain reaches 916 metres at its highest point and stretches between the provinces of Prato and Florence; starting from Monte Cuccoli and going on to Monte Maggiore, in the locality of Calenzano. The ecosystems of these mountains are maintained by the Protected Natural Area of Local Interest”.

The Calvana area was chosen by past inhabitants as a settling place: the Etruscans, other than a scattering of temples, left the foundations of the largest known Etruscan domus (residence). You can also find ruins of Roman towers, while later the area saw settlements by the Florentine Republic.

As far as nature is concerned, the Calvana mountains are ideal for hikes, which bring you from meadows to woodland full of holm oak trees, hazelnuts, hawthorn bushes, juniper and rose hip. An important characteristic of the area is the meeting of many streams and torrents in ravines and caves, of which there are more than 40. Local wildlife is host to some, at times, rare species of animals; birds like snake eagles or the European honey buzzard and protected amphibians such as the spectacled salamander and the yellow-bellied toad. Let’s not forget wolves, deer, roe deer, badgers, and hares, while the area has its own breed of cows, called Calvana or Calvanina, related to the mighty Chianina.