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Historical Buildings
Carrara Academy of Fine Arts
The value and beauty of artwork in marble
Via Roma, 1, 54033 Carrara MS, Italia

The Carrara Academy of Fine Arts is housed inside the Palazzo Cybo Malaspina. The building, whose first nucleus dates back to the 12th century, was first the castle of the Malaspina family and later, after the fall of the family, a residential palace commissioned by Alberico I during the Renaissance. It was during the 16th century, in fact, that a new adjoining structure was added to the pre-existing medieval fortress, where the main entrance to the Academy is located today.

The 15th century courtyard is very impressive, characterized by a loggia structure and decorated with an important collection of Roman marbles, divided into three categories: artifacts of a figurative character, monuments of a religious and funerary character, and architectural elements. Among the most valuable works preserved here are those from the quarries in the Carrara area. One example is the Roman aedicule of Fantiscritti dating from the 3rd century A.D., detached from a wall of the Quarry of the same name. Also of particular value are the works found in the Luni area, such as the Statue of Togato, the Virile Torso with Clamide, the Nude Virile Torso, the Loricato Torso, the Statue of Leda, the Torso of Minerva and the female statue with chiton and mantle.