Archaeological sites
Casentino Archaeological Museum
A historical itinerary in Bibbiena among artefacts and ancient objects
Museo Archeologico del Casentino
Via Berni, 21, 52011 Bibbiena AR, Italia

The Casentino Archaeological Museum is located in Bibbiena and recreates the history of the Casantino valley, revealing to its visitors how the territory changed in the period between Prehistory and the late Roman era.

The first section is dedicated to Prehistory and illustrates the ancient fossilised fauna that once inhabited the shores of the now dried up Villafranchian lake, along with a series of prehistoric stone-carving stations.

The second, third and fourth rooms are centred on the Etruscans and document the presence of this ancient civilization. This is achieved through reconstructions of the first villages made of huts, the evidence of unearthed building complexes and places of worship, among which is the celebrated religious hoard uncovered at the Lake of the Idols on Monte Falterona, where an important Etruscan sanctuary used to exist, and the remains of the temple of Socana. Lastly, Roman presence in Casentino is illustrated with the reconstruction of a rustic villa typical of the area.

Moreover, the museum offers educational workshops for children to learn through playing, and excursions for the whole family and adults, which lead to the Lake of the Idols.