Photo ©Unione Comuni Media Valle del Serchio
Chestnut Museum, Pescaglia
Discover chestnut production and its importance in local Lucca culture
Colognara, Pescaglia
Via Alfredo Catalani, 3A, 55064 Colognora LU, Italia

The Chestnut Museum in Pescaglia is dedicated to documenting the importance of chestnuts as a food source and its role in the lives and work of the residents of the Lucca countryside, in particular, the use of chestnut groves in the area around Colognora.

The institute was established after several years collecting and recovering objects connected to the local farming community. This includes archival documentation linked to the planting of chestnut groves, its harvest, the desiccation and drying processes, woodcutting, and how the product was consumed.

Visitors can also take a tour of the local countryside, visiting the "metati" (chestnut drying houses), as well as a charcoal pit and straw hut.