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Places of worship
Church of San Francesco in Bonistallo
The old place of worship found in Poggio, Caiano on a panoramic hill
Poggio a Caiano
Via Bonistallo, 9, 59016 Poggio a Caiano PO, Italia

The Church of San Franscesco in Bonistallo can be found in Poggio a Caiano, on a hill where you can admire a beautiful wide-stretching panoramic.

It was built in the same place as the Church of Santa Maria of Bonistallo, which dates back to the 13th century which the Medici used as their own personal chapel when they were staying in the nearby Villa Medici-Ambra in Poggio a Caiano.

The Church of San Francesco stands tall on the embankment, preceded by a 19th century porch that preseres numerous tombstones. The church has a single nave, covered by a barrel vault nd has an 18th century interior.

Among the works preserved inside, you can find Jesus Christ Blessing and Saints Francesco and Lorenzo by Fra Felice da Sambuca, then known as Gioacchino Viscosi and active in Tuscany starting in 1777, and the Madonna of the Rosary with Saints Domenico and Caterina, a 1623 canvas painting by Matteo Rosslli.