Photo ©Luca Aless
Places of worship
Church of San Zeno in Pisa
The church vaunts centuries-old origins and a splendid Romanesque façade
Chiesa di San Zeno
Via S. Zeno, 39, 56127 Pisa PI, Italia

The Church of San Zeno in Pisa vaunts centuries-old origins and is located in a place that during the Middle Ages was called “alle grotte”, because of the high number of ruins of Roman cities in the area. Probably built before the 11th century, it was first a Benedictine abbey, later overseen by the Camaldolese order. The church began to undergo radical changes in the 15th century, however the interior, with three naves, still retains traces of the original structure.

The church is characterized by a variety of styles and architectural trends, which can be seen clearly on the façade, boasting a porch decorated with Romanesque-style geometric motifs. Behind the church is the ancient Porta San Zeno, known as Porta Monetaria in the 13th century because it was close to the medieval mint. The true Porta Monetaria is walled in, a bit further south and visible from the outside.