Photo ©Musei Civici di Pistoia
Historical Buildings
Fernando Melani House Museum
In Pistoia, the house of the artist active in the main twentieth-century movements
Corso Antonio Gramsci, 159, 51100 Pistoia PT, Italia

The studio house of the Pistoia-born artist Fernando Melani (1907-85) is the only example of a space that harmoniously reflects on the whole of the artist’s experience and his research through the main art movements in the second half of the twentieth century, from Arte Povera to Conceptual and Minimal Art.

A large number of artworks occupy the ceilings, walls and floors of the different spaces, in line with the layout that Melani had given them since their creation. The visit among heaps of sedimented materials, experimentation on metals, foils and wires that hang from the ceiling joists, is a striking indoor itinerary that follows the thinking of this key figure in contemporary art.

The house museum is situated in Pistoia city centre. It was purchased by the council after Melani’s death and restored while maintaining the original character of the studio house.

The works on display in the house document the various periods of research from realizing abstraction, a focus on the materials used and speculation about conceptual and minimal art.