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Marina di Massa
Historic destination for relaxation and fun devoted to seaside holidays on the Apuan coast, nestled between the sea and mountains
Marina di Massa
Marina di Massa 54100 MS

With the Ligurian Sea on the horizon, expanses of golden sand as far as the eye can see and the rugged Apuan massif behind it, this is the unique area that frames Marina di Massa. The resort is devoted to seaside tourism and is a gem in the Apuan Riviera situated in the municipality of Massa near the border with Liguria.

Built near the mouth of the river Frigido, in ancient times it was a marshy and debilitated area that was changed by reclamation work that ended in the mid-1800s, the century in which its touristic vocation began to emerge.

Marina di Massa ended up becoming a holiday resort and fashionable seaside destination in keeping with trends of the time, involving a flow of aristocrats who bequeathed numerous buildings and villas in liberty and dec√≤ style that can still be admired today, including Villa Doria, Villa Franca and Hotel Italia.

Dotted with accommodation facilities, historic bathing establishments that were created over a century ago, and well equipped with services of all kinds, Marina di Massa offers relaxing stays by the sea in the shade of the beautiful coastal pine forests as well as hosting a lively nightlife. These are holidays with high quality food and wine such as Candia dei Colli Apuani D.O.C. wine, ideal to accompany a great fish dish by the sea.

Connected to Forte dei Marmi and also to Viareggio by a wide coastal cycle path, it's possible to enjoy beautiful rides by the sea, as well as many outdoor activities. Starting with the aquatic ones such as SUP, sailing and surfing, there are numerous schools that have sprung up along the coast as well as sailing clubs, then head to try some backpacking for days spent trekking surrounded by the views of the Apuan mountains from where you can gaze out to the sea.