Photo ©Parco della Maremma
Places of worship
Monastery of Santa Maria Alborense
The ruins of the Benedictine monastery can be found in a strategic position thanks to practicability, the coast and the mouth of the River Ombrone
Via del Bersagliere, 7, 58100 Grosseto GR, Italia

The Abbey of San Rabano, also known as the Monastery of Santa Maria Alborense, in the municipality of Grosseto, has been documented since the Middle Ages, even as a space dedicated to St. Benedict. This dedication was actually given to a small temple where the relics of the saint were located, close to the “Strada della Regina” – which traces of remain today – connecting the monastery with the roman road Aemilia Scauri that travelled downhill towards what is today the town of Alberese.

The Abbey of San Rabano is currently in a state of ruin, though it was recently restored and the structure strengthened in order to conserve it. Around the religious build are remains of the walls that were added in the late Middle Ages when the complex was fortified. Near the abbey, there is also the Uccellina tower, built to be a defense and watch tower for the nearby coast.