Naturalistic attractions
Monte Pisano
A small mountain range between the plains of Pisa and Lucca that's rich in biodiversity, villages and fortresses
Monte Pisano
QH22+22 Calci PI, Italia

On the hilly relief where the peaks that reach up to 1000 meters above sea level form, Monte Pisano is an oasis of lush nature that stands at the watershed between the Pisan and Lucca plains.

Part of the Tuscan Subappennino mountain range, it's an extension of the Apuan chain that winds between the Arno and Serchio rivers. It's often improperly referred to as Monti Pisani, and is not to be confused with the Pisan Hills. Its landscapes are unmistakable, where humankind has worked in harmony with nature, giving unexpected views not far from the city of the leaning tower and the coast.

It's an environment of unique naturalistic and historical value. Monte Pisano is covered with protected biodiverse areas, and is full of hiking trails that can be undertaken on foot, by bike or on horseback, also offering opportunities for speleo adventures and climbing.

Monte Pisano is dotted with medieval villages and fortifications such as Nozzano, Calci with its famous Certosa, Vicopisano, the Rocca di Ripafratta and the Rocca della Verruca that dominates the valley, as well as significant religious buildings such as the church and monastery of Santa Maria di Mirteto and the sanctuary of Santa Maria in Castello in Vecchiano. The area also houses historic works of hydraulic engineering such as the Nottolini aqueduct, the Medici aqueduct and the Roman aqueduct of Caldaccoli. It's rich in thermal springs that can be used for moments of pure relaxation in the elegant establishments of San Giuliano Terme and in the Uliveto thermal baths.

The landscapes of Monte Pisano are scattered with terraces for the cultivation of olives and chestnut trees, enriching the area with local high quality products such as olive oil and chestnuts, with the ones from the Molina di Quosa forest particularly appreciated.