Museum of Sacred Art of Saint Verdiana
A museum dedicated to the patron saint of Castelfiorentino
Via Timignano, 1A, 50051 Castelfiorentino FI, Italia

The name, Museum of Saint Verdiana, indicates the close link between the Museum, the Sanctuary and the Saint, symbol of the territory of Castelfiorentino.

The museum is housed in an ancient rustic structure, called the Casalone - adjacent to the Sanctuary of Saint Verdiana - which contains a rich heritage of paintings, statues, illuminated manuscripts and silverware from the Sanctuary and from the churches of the territory.

The symbol of the Museum is the cusped panel with a gold background depicting Saint Verdiana, the oldest example of the iconography of the Saint, and the Madonna and Child attributed to Cimabue.

Other interesting works of the same period are attributed to Corso di Buono and Taddeo Gaddi, while in the room dedicated to Florentine painting stands out the Madonna and Child with Saints, a masterpiece by Francesco Granacci.

On the upper floor, instead, it is possible to admire the furnishings, the precious jewellery and the refined fabrics originally kept in the Sanctuary.