Photo ©Fondazione PARSEC
Natural Sciences Centre, Prato
A natural haven and a natural sciences museum in Galceti
Via di Galceti, 74, 59100 Prato PO, Italia

The Natural Sciences Centre of Prato was established to improve the relationship between humans and nature. It is situated in Galceti, a short distance from the city, in the foothills of Monte Ferrato and includes the Park and Museum of Natural Sciences.

The Galceti Park extends across eight hectares; encompasses an area that has been settled since prehistoric times; maritime pine woodland, which is home to fauna like falcons, peacocks and deer as well as grey herons; two lakes; and a network of trails that allows the whole area to be explored on foot.

The Museum of Natural Sciences, housed in an old Franciscan monastery, covers 750 square metres. Here visitors can observe birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, insects, shells, minerals, rocks, herbariums and local archaeological findings. The museum organizes educational activities and guided tours. There’s also an observatory and a planetarium.

The Centre is temporarily closed for reorganization of the spaces.