Photo ©Sailko
Historical Buildings
Palazzo Gambacorti
The splendid Palazzo-turned-Town Hall on Pisa's Lungarno Gambacorti
Piazza XX Settembre

The Palazzo Gambacorti in Pisa looks over the eponymous Lungarno on the corner of Piazza XX Settembre. It was built in dark green stone in the Pisan Gothic style, at the behest of Pietro Gambacorta (sometimes Gambacorti).

The façade is patterned with two tiers of mullioned windows, decorated with coats-of-arms and inscriptions. The adjacent wing is colonnaded and connected via a footbridge to the Logge di Banchi arcade. During the fifteenth century the palazzo became home to public magistrates: to the Consoli del Mare, to Pisan Customs, and then to the civic Priors.

In 1533 it became the private residence of the del Tignoso family, but under the eighteenth-century Habsburg-Lorraine regime it was returned to the magistrates. In the 1800s it was converted to house the State Archives, the barracks of the fireguards and public police. It currently functions as the Town Hall.