Photo ©FondArte
Palazzo Pretorio Museum in Peccioli
Discover the exhibitions on display at Palazzo Pretorio including the museum’s original Russian Icon collection
Piazza del Popolo, 5

Palazzo Pretorio Museum in Peccioli, opened in 2000 as the Museum of Russian Icons, was the first of its kind in Italy. In its new vestiture, the museum houses a variety of collections, including the original Russian Icon collection, for which the museum was first formed. Donated by journalist, Francesco Bigazzi, correspondent in Poland and Moscow for many years, the Bigazzi collection includes around sixty Russian icons from the 19th and 20th century.

Added to this is the Belvedere collection which features Orthodox wood icons as well as crosses and polyptychs in bronze and most importantly a baptismal cross from the 15th century.

A collection of engravings, lithograph, xylograph and serigraph prints were added to the museum donated by Vito Merlini, expanding the museum's collection to 280 pieces. On display are works by Viviani, Piacesi, Mongatti, Morena, Parigi as well as Baj, Guerricchio, Guttuso, Possenti, Annigoni, Fattori, Goya, Mirò and De Chirico.