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Historical Buildings
Palazzo dei Priori, Arezzo
An artistic and architectural gem in the historic centre
Via Montetini, 4a, 52100 Arezzo AR, Italia

The Palazzo dei Priori, in Arezzo, which still houses the city hall, dates to the first half of the 1300s and was the place assigned to host the city’s highest powers in the Early Middle Ages. The building’s interior unexpectedly reveals countless artworks, including frescoes, statues and architectural elements.

The building has undergone various changes over time on the facade and quadrangular tower, but the original appearance can be seen on the side overlooking via Ricasoli. A sixteenth-century courtyard stands in the middle of the palazzo, with arcades topped with two loggias. The various rooms are all exquisite for the spaces and the art on display. The ground floor is striking with a seventeenth-century fresco by Salvi Castellucci, which depicts a Madonna and Child with Saint Donato, in addition to a view of Arezzo at the time. On the upper floors, visitors come across frescoes with a religious theme and statues, as well as portraits and busts of Arezzo’s illustrious figures. Also worth seeing is the Sala dei Matrimoni with its impressive stone fireplace featuring two paintings by Giorgio Vasari and some frescoed scenes dating to the seventeenth century by Teofilo Torri.

Heading for the tower, the visit ends with the Sala del Consiglio, frescoed in the fifteenth century by Parri di Spinello.