Permanent Glass Exhibition in Gambassi Terme
The history of glass production in the territory is on display
Gambassi Terme
Via Andrea del Sarto, 50050 Gambassi Terme FI, Italia

The permanent exhibition of glass production in Gambassi Terme presents around 3,000 archeological artefacts coming from both the area and Italy as a whole and dating to between the 13th and 16th centuries. The exhibition also brings together studies and historic/archeological research about glass production in the Valdelsa.

An historic activity, documented since the 13th century and now lost to us, glass production was a characteristic of the entire territory for centuries, whose fame went well beyond the local area.

The exhibition aims to showcase the results of research on pre-industrial glass in the territory and includes itineraries for visiting places tied to its production: the Germagnana Archeological Park, with a reconstruction of a 14th-century glass workshop, and the Centre for the Documentation of Technology and the Production of Pre-Industrial Glass.

The artefacts on display come from archeological digs carried out in the last 20 years. They are accompanied by explanatory panels that summarize the latest research about glass production in the Valdelsa.