Palazzo dei Vescovi, which dates back to the year 1091, is next to the baptistery. It was originally home to the bishop of Pistoia. In the twelfth century it became a lordly residence and was decorated accordingly with windows and frescoes in the main room. Some traces remain of these frescoes, although they are difficult to interpret. During the eighteenth century, this palazzo was sold by bishop Scipione de’Ricci to a private owner. The new owner decided to undertake extensive and radical renovation work. Today, much of the original structure can still be admired. The palazzo is home to the Capitolare Museum. The interesting and unique stratigraphic museum is in the palazzo’s underground rooms.

Piazza Duomo is also home to Palazzo Comunale (the Town Hall), which dates back to the end of the thirteenth century and today houses the Civic Museum and to Palazzo Pretorio which has a loggia decorated with frescoes and tempera. It is covered in the old coats of arms of the town’s many mayors.
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