Pietra Serena Museum in Firenzuola
Discovering the ancient tradition of master stone-cutters
Museo della Pietra Serena
Via Giovanni Villani, 84, 50033 Firenzuola FI, Italia

The Museum of Pietra Serena in Firenzuola is located inside the Fortress’s cellars and moat, in the evocative rooms restored along with the 15th century bastions designed by Antonio da Sangallo the Elder. 

The museum documents the history of mining pietra serena in Firenzuola, a material that was fundamental in the stone-cutting tradition for which this splendid village in the Mugello is known.

The display is divided into six sections: the first three highlight the stone in its natural landscape, the ancient and modern techniques used in mining the stone, the work in the quarries and objects of everyday use.  

The fourth section tells of the excavation and restoration of the Fortress, while sections five and six are dedicated to pietra serena in art: excellent works are on display that demonstrate the exceptional ability of the master stone-cutters in Firenzuola.

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