Art Parks
Quinto Martini Park Museum
The museum was opened in 1988 while the artist was still alive
Via Della Furba, 5, 59015 Seano PO, Italia
In the suggestive landscape of Seano, in the Carmignano hills, the Quinto Martini Park Museum is one of the most important outdoor complex entirely dedicated to one sculptor. 
It shows an important evidence of the Italian Art of the twentieth century: Quinto Martini (Seano 1908- Firenze 1990) has been worked as a protagonist for a long time, from the first decades of the century to his last sculptures in the 80s, paying a special attention to everyday life.
He curated and realized all the 36 bronze sculptures, made between 1931 and 1988. Most of the subjects are related to a simple life in the countryside: a girl running after a goose, a mother with her little child, an innkeeper sitting while waiting for the next customer, a woman who secretly peeps from the door.