Places of worship
San Desiderio Oratory in Pistoia
The empty, rectangular building vaunts a trussed ceiling and conserves a 16th-century by Sebastiano Vini
Oratorio di San Desiderio
Via Laudesi, 53, 51100 Pistoia PT, Italia

The historic church in the Monastery of San Desiderio in Pistoia, managed by the Superintendence, preserves its 14th-century appearance. Inside, Sebastiano Vini, known as Il Veronese, painted a large fresco in the late 16th century depicting the Crucifixion of St. Desiderius, which takes up the entire wall of the counter-fa├žade.

The ex-oratory was mentioned as early as 1084. In 1440, Pope Eugene IV suppressed the convent and the building was transformed into a hospital for curing pilgrims and wayfarers. Starting in 1516, the building was once again used as a convent, this time for Franciscan nuns. In the 1900s, it was transformed into a storehouse for wood, and in 1910, Alessandrina Gelli, a widow married to a member of the Rospigliosi family, donated the oratory to the Italian State, which in 1938 handed it over to the then-Ministry of National Education with the condition that it be conserved and opened to the public.