Naturalistic attractions
San Felice Oasis
An ancient pine grove at the centre of a nature reserve in Marina di Grosseto
Via Grossetana, 14, 58100 Marina di Grosseto GR, Italia

The San Felice Oasis, affiliated with the WWF, comprises an area on the coast in Marina di Grosseto 50 hectares in size and was founded to safeguard a precious stretch of the Maremma seaside, a precious yet fragile ecosystem nestled between the sea and the Diaccia Botrona Reserve.

The area is home to an ancient pine grove that was planted to fight the spread of malaria, as well as interesting elements of the Mediterranean scrub and the dune ecosystem. The Fiumara is a lake environment that claims fish and aquatic birds amongst its residents. The area is equipped with a circular trail dotted with educational panels and a bike path for those who want to explore the oasis on two wheels.