Photo ©Mongolo1984
Sant’Agata in Scarperia’s collection of sacred art
A collection of sacred art on show to safeguard and dissipate the artistic heritage of the area.

Sant’Agata’s collection of sacred art is in the oratory of Compagnia di San Iacopo, a building from the early 16th century attached to the left side of the parish church’s porch; the church is the most well-known Romanesque monument in Mugello. In the collection you can find paintings, terracottas, religious furniture and collected works from surrounding churches and tabernacles.

The paintings and the sculptures are accompanied by useful descriptions that aim to communicate the fundamental relationship between the art and the surrounding area. The collection includes works by Bicci di Lorenzo, from 1430, a 15th century painting by the Maestro di Signa and a work from Rodolfo del Ghirlandaio’s School. There are some enamelled terracotta works by Andrea della Robbia, some highly coloured terracotta pieces by Giovanni della Robbia, as well as liturgic furniture and ex-votos.