Photo ©Museo Terracotta Petroio
Terracotta Museum in Petroio
History and artisan tradition in the town near Trequanda
Via Valgelata, 10 (Località Petroio) 53020 Trequanda

Petroio, a little town in the district of Trequanda, has distinguished itself for centuries in the production of terracotta, to the extent that the figure of the potter has assumed the role of artistic and cultural custodian in these parts. It therefore found a home for a terracotta museum in a 13th-century palace, which highlights the living interchange between past and present, between art and design.

The museum uses interesting models to illustrate the marriage of modern and ancient techniques: a typical pit from which the clay is extracted, a workshop where it is baked with a traditional oven. It is also possible to visit the mines in this area.

The history of working terracotta is given the space it deserves in the wider panorama of traditional Sienese crafts, focussed specifically on Petroio from the end of the 19th century to today. The area, we are told, also contains some old examples of fixed terracottas, such as the 'madonnini' or the eaves of certain houses.