Historical Buildings
The Brunella Fortress
The centuries-old fortification in Aulla now houses the Lunigiana Natural History Museum
54011 Aulla MS, Italia

The Brunella Fortress dominates the strategic village of Aulla from the top of a hill, located at the confluence of the Magra and Aulella rivers and crossed by the Via Francigena.
There are several theories regarding the date of construction and who was behind it, despite the correspondence of the architectural canons of the building with those typical of the transitional age.
Among those behind the construction mentioned is Jacopo Ambrogio Malaspina, Lord of Aulla in the late 15th century, as well as the famous Giovanni delle Bande Nere, who settled in Aulla in the first quarter of the 16th century, and who would have entrusted the project to Antonio da Sangallo the Elder.
The fortress now houses the Lunigiana Natural History Museum which tells the story of the transformations in the territory.

The fortress can be visited all year round, with dates and opening times available on the website.