Places of worship
Sanctuary of the Madonna della Neve of Quadalto
In Palazzuolo sul Senio an oasis of peace and religiousness immersed in nature
Santuario della Madonna della Neve
SP477, 48, 50035 Palazzuolo Sul Senio FI, Italia

The Sanctuary of the Madonna della Neve is located in Quadalto, in the municipality of Palazzuolo sul Senio, on the road that rises up towards the Passo della Colla, among landscapes dominated by uncontaminated woods of beech, chestnut and oak trees. The small oratory was erected in 1459 and then enlarged in the early 17th century until it took on the shape and size of the current church. Since 1744, the sanctuary has been guarded by the Congregation of the Franciscan nuns Ancelle di Maria.

Preceded by an airy portico, the building has three naves divided by arches on pillars. The most famous work kept here is an image of the Madonna della Neve, painted on stone and placed on the high altar, attributed to a 15th century Florentine artist of the Botticelli school. Inside the church, we also find a painting of Sant'Apollonia with Sant'Agata and Santa Lucia, both dating back to the end of the 17th century.

In the choir closed by valuable iron gates, by Dino Chini, there are two rich baroque-style altars and a delightful 18th-century organ. Next to the church, there are the convent built in 1744 and the ancient Molino di Quadalto, today turned into a guesthouse.

In the basement there is a large room, recently restored, used as a washhouse, which was used by the nuns in the context of their secluded life. Here, there are large tubs of sandstone and a wood boiler, which the nuns used to wash clothes with ashes.