Gay Florence city tour
A walk inside the history of homosexuality in a Renaissance Florence

The history of homosexuality in Florence is ancient and is perhaps among the most fascinating social aspects of the city. Documentary evidence reveals that the “sodomitical vice”, as it was known back then, was so common that a special Magistracy called the Office of the Night was set up to stop it. Despite the laws, however, the gay and lesbian community found many ways to get away with their “crime” and live their everyday life and passions. This relaxed attitude was well-known all over Europe and brought about a real “homosexual culture” that went on for centuries.

The Germans, for example, used the word “florenzer” (“Florentine”) to describe a homosexual.

Our tour will take you to the old haunts of medieval sodomites, retracing the steps of the most notorious Florence gays and lesbians. You will find out how they lived, who their enemies were and how the local Signoria government tried to tackle the problem. We will also tell you what the Medici family, the rulers of Florence, thought about homosexuality and how famous artists publicly declared their sexual orientation through their amazing artworks.

An exciting journey to find the roots that still make Florence one of the most tolerant and inclusive cities in the world.


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Piazza Santa Croce, Firenze, FI, Italia
From 02 June 2021 to 30 September 2021
start 15:00  end  17:00 

Tel.: +393334831431
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Meeting point
Piazza Santa Croce

What we will do together:

  • We will meet in Santa croce Square where our journey begins
  • We will tour old gay city taverns and brothels
  • We will tell you the individual stories of lesbian nuns and prostitutes
  • We will show you the works of notorious Florentine gay artists
  • We will discover the hidden map of homosexual Florence
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