Roselle, a walk through the centuries
Like a beautiful layered cake, in the excavations of Roselle you can retrace the centuries: let's take a walk through history and let the city awaken in different eras to shine and relive

Roselle is today one of the very few examples of Etruscan town planning, to the point it is called the "city of the living".
Rusel was one of the cities of the Etruscan Dodecapoli and was located on two hills, only a few kilometers north-east of today's Grosseto.

In 294 BC the city was stormed by the Romans and in 205 BC the Roman city of Rusellae supplied grain and timber to Scipio's fleet. Under the emperor Augustus it became a Roman colony. Later the place fell into disrepair, but it was the seat of a bishop until the 12th century. The place was then abandoned in 1138. 

Today the archaeological excavations of Roselle are an interesting place to see the centuries in layers: from the Etruscans, to the Romans and to the Middle Ages. In the archaeological park you can see, among other things, the remains of the ancient Roman road, the imposing and partially well-preserved city wall (masonry of the Cyclops), the Roman amphitheater, the forum, various temples, a basilica, Etruscan and Roman houses, remains of the baths and a cistern.

The view over the plain, once a navigable lake, the former Lake Prile, and the opposite Etruscan town of Vatluna, today's Vetulonia, is also splendid. The panorama also extends to the coast of Castiglione della Pescaia and the hills of Monte dell'Uccellina, the Maremma nature reserve.

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Roselle - sito archeologico, Strada dei Ruderi, Grosseto, GR, Italia
From 05 May 2021 to 01 November 2021
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At the ticket office of the archeological area of Roselle

We'll meet at the ticket office of the archaeological area of ​​Roselle and walk to the forum, where we can enjoy a beautiful view. Then we continue towards the thermal baths and the amphitheater. If there is time we can get to the house with impluvium and go down along part of the city walls. 

Duration: approx. 2 hours 30 minutes

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Natascha Rudinger
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