Happy hamlets and natural reserves in the Pistoia plain

Agliana, with its distinctive quadrilateral shape edged by the Bure, Calice, Ombrone and Brana waterways, is brought to life by the hamlets of Spedalino, San Piero, San Niccolò and San Michele, as Agliana is none other than a name for the grouping of villages.

The main attraction is the Spedalino Asnelli, once an important hospital complex and now a lively village on the plain. 

The lovely Sandro Pertini park leads to the center of San Piero, where the Church of San Piero and the Chapel of Santissimo Sacramento stand in piazza Gramsci.

At Muccaia, the strip of land between the Brana and Ombrone waterways, you can get an idea of the unique features of this fertile plain. Agliana Park is a nice place to take a relaxing walk in the woods. Upon crossing the Mugnone brook you find Villa Baldi, while the Querciola Nature Area is an interesting place to observe nature in the Pistoia plain.