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Marina di Bibbona
One of the most stunning beaches on the Tuscan coast

Marina di Bibbona grew around an eighteenth-century stronghold, which had been built on the sea to keep the area safe from pirates. Little by little, one of the Etruscan Coast's most popular tourist destinations burgeoned around it.

Sea and sport at Marina di Bibbona

Thanks to its mild climate, its tranquillity and the beauty of its surroundings, Marina di Bibbona has won acclaim as a beach town, ideal for a relaxing, entertaining vacation for all the family, with nature all around. It also lends itself to watersports: as its Blue Flag status attests, its waters are marvellously clean. The long, broad, sandy beach, modulated by dunes and lumps of Mediterranean shrub, form the threshold between the crystal-clear sea and a beautiful pinewood, thick with juniper. Bathing resorts alternate with stretches of free beach, with facilities - some are even open to our four-legged friends. There is no shortage of hospitality in the area, no lack of hotels, guest houses, rental apartments and campsites: the range of choice will satisfy every kind of person with every kind of need.


Marina di Bibbona lies right in the middle of two magnificent pinewoods that flank the Tuscan coast. Heading north we find Marina di Cecina; to the south, on top of a green hill, Marina di Castagneto Carducci. The thick pine trees of the latter hide a famous amusement park, Il Cavallino Matto (Crazy Horse), which is an absolute must for children. Not far from here you can also visit the medieval town of Rosignano Marittimo.

Traditional Recipes

The smells of the sea, the pinewood and the Mediterranean shrub have infused themselves into the local cuisine. If you are in the area, do not pass up fried eggs with almonds, stuffed chicken neck with pistacchio nuts, or seashells in fresh tomato.