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Cheese and cold cuts
Biroldo salami from Garfagnana
This salami is made from pig’s head and flavoured with wild fennel
Cheese and cold cuts

Biroldo salami provides one of the most ancient flavours of the Garfagnana region. Its principal ingredient is pig’s head with a little heart and tongue.


Spices are added to give an extra special flavour, such as wild fennel, cloves, cinnamon, coriander or aniseed. Wild fennel is a fundamental ingredient, whereas use of the other spices varies from village to village. To make the salami, the meat is first boiled for three hours. Then it is finely chopped, mixed with blood, spices and lard and stuffed into either an animal stomach or bladder. This is then boiled and left to cool under a weight in order to squeeze out any excess fat. 

Today, biroldo is made and eaten fresh, although years ago it was quite common to make it and conserve it in lard. Biroldo salami is not widely eaten today. A local association has been set up to protect this typical product from Garfagnana (‘The Association of Biroldo Producers in Garfagnana’ / ‘L’Associazione Produttori del Biroldo della Garfagnana’).