Winter walks immersed in the nature of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines
4 ideas to snowshoe on the Pistoia Mountains
Pistoia e Montagna Pistoiese
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Snowshoeing is a smart and environmentally friendly way to enjoy the majestic beauty of the natural scenery covered in snow. The Pistoia Mountains are full of trails and itineraries that provide exciting experiences suitable for everyone, even beginners. 

With a pair of snowshoes on your feet, you can "walk" without sinking, experiencing the thrill of moving through even fresh snow. Here are some ideas for planning your winter hike.

Valle del Sestaione (Sestaione Valley) – Lago Nero (Black Lake)

An evocative snowshoe hike in the centuries-old beech forest of the Sestaione Valley toward the Lago Nero, a pool of water of glacial origin that is totally frozen in winter. A 10-kilometer route starting from the Orto Botanico Forestale dell’Abetone (Forest Botanical Garden of Abetone), all the way to one of the highest peaks in Tuscany, the Alpe delle Tre Potenze.

Abetone – Anello del Monte Maiori (Ring of Mount Maiori)

The forests of the Abetone offer the ideal setting for an evocative snowshoe hike on Mount Maiori, located opposite the crest of the majestic Libro Aperto. An 8-kilometer loop, starting and ending in the square of Abetone, perfect for those trying this experience for the first time.

Doganaccia - Lake Scaffaiolo

The Doganaccia ski area is an excellent starting point for snowshoe hikes. You can easily reach Lake Scaffaiolo and the Duca degli Abruzzi Lodge via a route of about 9 kilometers that passes by the Croce Arcana.

Teso Forest and Orsigna Valley

The Foresta del Teso (Teso Forest) is an enchanting natural jewel, on the border between the provinces of Modena and Bologna, on the Pistoia Mountains. A trail of about 13 kilomters starting from Campo Tizzoro, which winds around Trail 00 and the Alta Via dei Parchi itinerary, for a snowshoe hike through pristine forests and places rich in history, such as the Valle dell’Orsigna (Orsigna Valle).

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