The river Arno at sunset
Photo ©Sara
An interesting experience which allows you to have a different point of view of the cradle of the Renaissance.
Discover Florence from the river Arno with the “Renaioli”

Florence’s rowing association  “I Renaioli” organizes boat trips along the Arno from May until September (or April-October if the season is good) and it can be a good occasion to see how Ponte Vecchio and the pastel-colours buildings look like from the river. The name "renaiolo" (sand digger) comes from "rena", which means sand.

The Association of Renaioli in Florence has given new life to this job, restoring the small old boats that today take visitors to the most relevant points of the city.  In addition to this, the Renaioli take care of recovering, conserving and maintaining the boats.

The tour lasts about 45 minutes, one hour considering the operations of embarkation-disembarkation. The entrance is from the pier in piazza Mentana on Lungarno Diaz, in a place called la Porticciola, through the descent on the banks of the Arno situated between the Ponte alle Grazie and the Ponte Vecchio, on the right bank.

Here’s what you’ll see from the boat: