Bardini Garden
Photo ©G. Sighele
Art, nature, events and food: the tips to make the most of your holidays
Easter in Tuscany: a few ideas

Whether you love the city vibe or the country mood, appreciate art or nature, want to eat good food or soak in the local traditions, Tuscany is an excellent choice for your Easter holidays.
The weather is warming up, the light hours during the day get longer and longer, and there are plenty of fun and interesting things to do for a perfect vacation.
Here are some tips for you. Enjoy!

For the foodies

Easter is the perfect time of year to follow one of the Wine and Olive Oil Roads, visit wineries and farms, and enjoy the best Tuscan flavours paired with a glass of wine. Foodies with a sweeter tooth shouldn't miss out the local Easter desserts.

For the culture buffs

Any contemporary art lover visiting Florence should put on the "to do" list Reaching for the Stars, a major exhibition in Palazzo Strozzi featuring more than 70 works by leading Italian and international artists.

Check here the current art events and exhibitions in Tuscany, and also be aware that on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday some museums could schedule special openings.

For the nature lovers

Tuscany is in full bloom during Easter so this is the best time of year to visit one of the historical villas and gardens, or spend a day in the countryside with a picnic basket full of Tuscan delicatessen.
For a fun and out of the ordinary activity, hop on the Nature Train, and if your dream is to walk one of the historical pilgrimage routes, like the Via Francigena, do it now, before the summer heat strikes.

For the folklore fans

Easter in Tuscany offers a variety of old traditions and celebrations. Some are very peculiar, like the Scoppio del Carrro of Florence: on Easter morning, at the end of a colourful procession, an 18th-century cart "explodes" in front of the Cathedral, after been hit by a firecracker shaped like a dove!
In Prato, the Virgin Mary’s Holy Girdle, the most beloved and prized relic belonging to the city, is put on public display.
On Good Friday, Grassina (Florence) is home to a Reenactment of the Passion of the Christ, a tradition dating back to the first decades of the XVII century that today involves around 500 period costume participants.

And for a bit of relaxation…

If you want to relax and re-charge your batteries, plan a few houts or a whole day at one of the many famous Tuscan thermal spas: outdoor and indoor pools, massages, wellness treatments for body and soul.
And if you're looking for a a more "savage" option, here are the free open air natural hot springs in which you can soak and relax.