A step into the past to explore the festival of ancient rarities
Enjoy the Antique Market in Arezzo
Claudia D'Aliasi
by Claudia D'Aliasi /en/authors/claudia-daliasi/

There’s no better place than the stunning region of Tuscany to discover a fascinating mixture of old items and new emotions. Objects bear the uncanny ability to delicately hold the stories of our past. They are tangible symbols of our personal habits, our cultural heritage and embody all that we risk to forget. At the same time, they are the result of a talented artisan’s refined craftsmanship.

Every first weekend of each month you can walk through the historic centre of Arezzo, diving headfirst into one of the best antique fairs in Tuscany and in Italy. Begun by Ivan Bruschi in 1968, the Arezzo Antique Market offers its array of international visitors, the unmissable opportunity to seek out collectable objects – a process otherwise known as trouvaille

Arezzo Main Square [Photo Credits: Serena Puosi - Photo Editing: Lara Musa]
Arezzo Main Square [Photo Credits: Serena Puosi - Photo Editing: Lara Musa]
Why is this market special?

Over four hundred vendors participate in this festival of rarities, selling art déco furniture, jewels, clocks, books, ancient pictures, scientific and musical instruments, vintage clothes and toys. 

Once there you’ll also be able to visit the Golden Town of Arezzo, named as such due to its long tradition of expert goldsmiths. Arezzo is an Etruscan and Roman town made precious by the wonderful monuments and churches scattered around the vicinity: landmarks like the Gothic Cathedral, Piazza Grande (the main square), the Basilica of San Francesco and the Romanesque Church of Santa Maria pay testament to its long tradition of architectural prowess.

If you want to add a pinch of art to your visit, keep in mind that Arezzo is a great Etruscan and Roman city and here are some suggestions about the museums to be visited.

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