From Cacciucco Pride to the Squid Festival, the events to discover the most authentic flavors
Experience the flavours of Livorno, Collesalvetti and Capraia
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To fully experience Livorno, it is essential to discover its traditions and typical dishes of the city.
Through the most important events in the historic locations, you can appreciate ancient recipes, authentic ingredients and sublime food and wine combinations.
Not only in Livorno, but also in Collesalvetti and Capraia, the culinary tradition welcomes citizens and tourists with themed events for a journey to discover into the most authentic flavors.

Cacciucco Pride in Livorno

Thanks to the typical contaminations of a city of sea, Livorno has numerous dishes absolutely to try, as the baccalà alla livornese, the chickpeas pie, the ponce and many others.
One of the most famous dishes is cacciucco, to which Livorno has dedicated the Cacciucco Pride event for years. The streets of the centre, the boats at sea and the city's most famous sites, such as the Central Market, the Old Fortress and the Aquarium, open their doors for all lovers of good food to taste the famous "5C-certified Livorno cacciucco".
There are also shows, events, music and cultural initiatives surrounding this festival of flavours.

Squid Festival in Capraia

The Squid Festival in Capraia is an opportunity to taste fresh calamari (which the people of Capraia call squid) in an atmosphere of popular celebration. Many local specialties can be tried at stands set up along the harbor: the classic fried squid or squid with potatoes, more unusual dishes such as squid lasagna, but also oriental flavours, combining couscous and spices. 

The first day of the event is dedicated to the Squid Fishing Competition that takes place both by land and by sea, on sailboats or motorboats, involving a large number of participants divided into several categories. The weighing of the squids at the end of the competition on the quay in the port is also characteristic.

“Settembre di…vino” in Collesalvetti

In September there is an event inextricably linked to the area's wine-growing aspects. Nugola (a hamlet of Collesalvetti) dresses up in delicacies with wine tastings paired with typical and traditional Tuscan dishes, one of the best occasions to discover local wines thanks to the direct involvement of the wineries.
The main focus of the event is a conference on viticulture issues at the Frescobaldi farm.