The best places for an evening out, according to Ippo and Dixon
LGBT clubs in Tuscany: guide to the best gay clubs for partying
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Tuscany has always been a land of hospitality, art and entertainment, with a thriving LGBTQ+ nightlife in almost all cities.

We put together this article in collaboration with the Tuscan travel bloggers Ippo & Dixon, and we are sure it will give you many ideas on where to have a great night out in Tuscany.

Gay nights out are mainly concentrated in the areas of Florence, Lucca and along the Versilian coast with the undisputed best of summer nights to be found in Torre del Lago, the favourite destination for LGBTQ+ tourism.

Mamamia in Torre del Lago Puccini

When talking about gay clubs in Tuscany, we must mention Mamamia in Torre del Lago, the well-known club in Versilia that has continued to make history for over twenty years.

Nights out at the Mamamia are great for everyone and in the summer many people of all kinds and ages flock to the marina.

The music here is mostly pop with entertainment from drag queens and GoGo boys and girls. During the summer season, various events are organized such as Miss Drag Queen, The Most Beautiful Gay in Italy and many others.

Piccolo Caffè in Florence

The Piccolo Caffè in Florence is a historic meeting point for the Florentine LGBTQ+ community.

It's located near Piazza Santa Croce and is the ideal place to enjoy great drinks and cocktails, listen to music and enjoy a pre-evening drink meeting new people.

Above all, you'll find young Florentines and off-site students here, but you'll also find tourists who finish off a perfect day  discovering Florence here.

Castigo in Pisa

Castigo (also known as ex Colors) is located in the centre of Pisa and is popular among young people.

Gay nights take place on Thursday and Friday during which you can drink cocktails, listen to pop music with live performers or even sing at the top of your lungs during karaoke evenings. To enter, a member card is required.

ENJOY - Rainbow People's Party

ENJOY Rainbow People's Party is an LGBTQ+ and friends disco night held in Grosseto.

The evenings are held every last Saturday of the month in various places in the city and province. The music varies from pop to house, with singers and performers on stage.


Whynot¿ is not only a place to dance, but also a meeting point for gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and intersex communities and for all people who live without prejudice.

The evenings take place every last Saturday of the month at Class 125 in Arezzo. Here, you can also find music and drag queens, but above all a lot of beautiful people who'll become new friends.