A photographic journey in Massa and surroundings
Massa seen through the lenses of Matteo Dunchi photographer

Matteo Dunchi is a young photographer from Massa. In his city and in the surroundings there are many subjects to photograph: in a short time he can reach privileged locations such as places where he can admire the majestic Apuan Alps and the beaches of Versilia. "I never cease to be amazed by my territory" says Matteo "and to look for the perfect shot: there will always be a different, sweeter sunset and new smiles and glances to be captured". 

Marina di Massa pier

Built where once stood the ancient charger pier, where the marble extracted from the quarries was boarded, the modern pier is a characteristic icon of Marina di Massa, a nice place to walk during all seasons. This is a shot of the Marina di Massa pier, east side. It had just stopped raining, the sun was going down. The dock has always a unique vantage point for the sunsets over the sea, so it is always full of people, fishermen and tourists.

Piazza Mercurio

In the heart of the city of Massa stands the renewed Piazza Mercurio, with its colored lights, the historical palaces and the Public Library S. Giampaoli.

Massa seen from Candia hills and the Apuan Alps in the background

The vineyards of the Colline di Candia (Candia hills) produce an excellent wine famous all over Italy. The hills are a perfect observation point over the city. In this picture you can also see the Apuan Alps with the pink lights of the sunset. As far as I live in this area I can always enjoy these breath-taking views, a source of inspiration for all my landscape photos.

Cresta degli Uncini and Monte Altissimo

The Mount Tambura, the Cresta degli Uncini and the Mount Altissimo form a familiar profile to all the inhabitants of Massa. This photo, taken from the window of my house, shows a beautiful sunset, well defined by the colors of the sky, the clouds and the Apuan marble that is turning pink. I am lucky to see this show when I want, whenever things get interesting for a new shot. Here is a large collection of different weather situations.  


Col di Melo, on the slopes of Mount Folgorito

This very striking tree is the main subject under the Mount Folgorito. In the background you can see the Mount Sagro and the Mount Carchio. This area was the scene of bloody clashes between German and American soldiers during the Second World War. In this point passed the Gothic Line, and still today some trenches and bunkers are intact. Not by chance the Germans chose the Mount Folgorito as the basis for some cannons. During clear days you can see from here the Maritime Alps, located more than 250 km away.

A plus from Lucca province: the Devil's Bridge in Borgo a Mozzano

While going to visit some relatives, after kilometres of winding roads connecting the Garfagnana to the Versilia area, we faced this amazing bridge. It's the famous "Ponte della Maddalena": the legend says that those who built it asked the help of the Devil who in return wanted the first soul that would have pass on it. But the first who passed was a dog so the Devil has to take its soul and for this reason it is rumored that sooner or later he will take revenge. But don't be distracted from the story: the landscape is really impressive especially during the Autumn.