Discover where to find pristine beaches frequented by nudists in Tuscany
Naturist beaches in Tuscany

Tuscany has wonderful beaches for all tastes; white sandy beaches, long golden shorelines, rocky coasts, free beaches and ones offering facilities, but what about naturists or nudists? Unlike just taking off a bikini top – something that can happen on almost every beach – going completely naked isn’t common in Italy. Tuscany has a number of beaches for this, sometimes marked at the entrance with a sign to let people know that they’re entering a naturists area. 

In Italy, beaches for naturists can be reached at the cost of a long walk under the hot sun. The prize at the end of it is usually a deserted and pristine beach. It’s always important to remember to bring food and drink with you because it's rare to find refreshments nearby.

The Lecciona beach between Viareggio and Torre del Lago isn’t a real nudist beach but since it's long and there are deserted areas you can bathe without a swimsuit. It’s also a gay-friendly area. Being a public beach, you have to bring everything that you need. Being inside the Nature Park of Migliarino – Massaciuccoli - San Rossore you can’t get there by car but it’s easy to reach on foot. 

From the via Aurelia in the direction of Pisa - Viareggio, you'll arrive in Migliarino and pass under the railway following the signs to Marina di Vecchiano. Once at the sea, turn right and drive as far as the park next to the beach. This place is very beautiful and it's surrounded by sand dunes, trees and bushes.

Sassoscritto is a stretch of rocks a few miles south of Livorno in a place called Romito. You have to park your car on the road and then follow a short and steep trail. Here the sea is immediately deep.

The south side of the Marina di Bibbona in Livorno is a dedicated naturist beach and you get there by walking south from the beach. It offers free bathing.

In San Vincenzo naturism is practised along a stretch of beach known as Nido dell’Aquila, or Eagle's Nest, in the Natural Park of Rimigliano, a few miles south of San Vincenzo. Getting there is easy, just drive towards the south of Strada della Principessa that runs parallel to the sea between San Vincenzo and Populonia. When you find two houses, one renovated and one demolished, at a distance of about 200m from one another on the sea side of the road, leave your car at the second house and follow the path down to the sea, then walk along the beach for another 300 metres to the south. From May to September there are 500 - 600 naturists at the weekends. From a distance, the beach is marked by many kites in flight, including the big yellow kite with the inscription ANITA - FKK.

Buca di Livorno is not far from the Buca delle Fate. Use the first parking lot on the right, going from Baratti to Populonia, and then follow the path to the right. Once on the cliff, go back and take the first path on the left: both the first gulf and the second on the same path are fine for naturism.

Elba Island has lots of hidden coves and it’s not difficult to find private places where you can go nude. Most of these hidden spots are accessible only by boat and are of course free admission.

Acquarilli Beach is reached by following the signs for Lacona and once there, continuing in the direction of Porto Azzurro - Capoliveri. 100 meters before reaching Norsi beach, there's a parking lot overlooking the sea: park here and go down the path on the right. Felciaio, Golfo Stella (Capoliveri) is on the provincial road Porto Azzurro – Portoferraio, take the road to Lacona and continue for 2 km. Between Seccheto and Lacona and always in the south of the island, there is a stretch of coast for nudists. Capo Canata is another beautiful beach near Lacona, with direct access from the beach of Lacona (left side). Follow the rocks until you find a staircase that goes up to a campsite, climb it and when you get to a white house, you'll find a path leading to the beach. Le Piscine is a classic place for nudism on Elba Island. Take the road from Marina di Campo to Fetovia and stop after Seccheto: there are two parking lots on the sea with wooden fences. Park here and drop down along the narrow path. To get to Le Tombe, continue from Fetovia to Pomonte and at a certain point on the left there's a dirt parking lot on white ground. Here you can park and take the path leading from the parking lot down to the sea. However, there is an approximate 20-minute walk along a rough and steep path so it's better to wear appropriate shoes. The alternative is to arrive by boat. Barabarca is for flat cliff lovers. Take the road that goes up to Capoliveri, follow the directions for Barabarca - Zuccale until you get to the parking lot of the beaches. From the parking lot, there are two paths, one on the left for Barabarca and one on the right for Zuccale. Follow for Barabarca and, at a certain point, the path will split; one goes down to the beach (left) and the other down slightly to the right to a cliff which separates Barabarca from Zuccale.

Marina di Alberese is a grey sandy beach in the Regional Park of Maremma with dense Mediterranean scrub that stretches for over 7km and, after a couple of kilometres, you can reach the nudist section. On the beach there's no shelter from the sun or equipment and this can be a problem for those seeking a little shade, but the total lack of equipment makes the place even more fascinating.

On the south of one of the stretches of land that links Monte Argentario to the mainland is Feniglia beach. You can reach it by walking through a beautiful pine forest or from Porto Ercole walking along the beach. Naturists are concentrated in the central part of the beach, which is less crowded.

Capalbio is part of a long beach stretching 8km. Very well preserved as it's in a WWF reserve, the beach is just in front of the Lake of Burano. The only way to reach it, apart from the sea, is by walking along the beach. It's ideal for those who want to spend a really quiet day.

Castiglione della Pescaia is a long coastal strip between Castiglione and Marina di Grosseto. There are three parking areas corresponding to three points of access. Walk along a stretch of pine forest and then go as far as you want. At the furthest point between the three access points, after a 20/30 minute walk, you may encounter some naturists.

On Giglio Island, nudists can sunbathe at the Punta Capel Rosso, about an hour-and-a-half walk from Giglio Porto. Alternatively, if you have a boat, you can search for hidden coves along the south coast.

Lago di Castelruggero is mostly frequented by naturists as well as young people and couples. On Saturdays and Sundays there are many families. You can reach it from the A1 motorway, exiting FI-south direction Grassina and going through the town of the same name. Turn left for about 6km until you reach Capannuccia, then turn right on via Castelruggero until you see the lake. Leave the car on the road and continue on foot.

Naturism is practised in a stretch of the River Diaterna in Scheggianico in the municipality of Firenzuola, a green area that's wild but accessible. Coming from Firenzuola, after about 9km, you will reach Scheggianico. Immediately after but before the bridge, take the road that goes to the left. Leave your car in the area and continue on foot.