Inside the Pecci Centre for Contemporary Art
Photo ©Claudia D'Aliasi
The reasons why you should visit this amazing centre for Contemporary Art
The future is present at Pecci Centre of Prato
Claudia D'Aliasi
by Claudia D'Aliasi /en/authors/claudia-daliasi/

We are used to praising Tuscany for its treasure trove of historic art. This is for good reason, of course, but we should nonetheless consider this region capable of producing some truly innovative, exceptional pieces of contemporary art. If you need an example of such artistic and architectural innovation, visit Luigi Pecci Contemporary Art Centre of Prato which reopened its doors to the public on October 16, 2016, receiving thousands of visitors.

A new look

Since temporarily closing for renovation, Dutch architect Maurice Nio has added an ultra-modern extension to the original building, first planned in the 1980s by Italo Gamberini. Nio wanted to contribute to the entire town by giving the building a futuristic look with a golden ring structure called “Sensing the waves”. With its metal façade and its brilliant white interiors, the Pecci Centre has the likeness of a spaceship from another galaxy, vaunting a wide open area with natural light reflected by the new "solatube" technology. This device captures and electronically transports sunlight, controlling it in an ecological way. The Solatube emanates the light in order to be as minimally disturbing as possible for the audience whilst revisiting the ultraviolet radiation, which is otherwise dangerous to the artworks.

The building - which now spans 3000 square metres of exhibition space - assembles contemporary works of international artists involved in many different formats, ranging from sculptures to video art, from installations to photographs and many others.

Moreover, it features an archive, 60,000 items in the CID/Arti Visive specialized library, an auditorium-cinema, restaurant, bistro and outdoor theater. And the bookshop is a jewel, with artists monographs, catalogues, merchandise and alsopublications for children.

The mission of Pecci

When Pecci opened its doors again, the visitors had the chance to see The End of the World (October 16, 2016—March 19, 2017). Curated by Fabio Cavallucci, with the cooperation of a large group of international experts, this exhibition reflected not on an impending catastrophe but rather on how we’re never completely capable of comprehending the world we live in.

This makes it clear: "the arts help us to interpret the reality in which we live". Indeed, Pecci's aim of showcasing and collecting works of visual arts, performing arts, architecture, design, music and much more, means for us an important occasion of getting in touch with the major themes of our society. And it's even clearer if we take a look at the programme of talks, cinema premiere and events organized for the schools in the spaces of the centre.

Pecci Centre is also a place for production, where creative ideas can take shape. That's why it is an ideal location for private and corporate events like conferences, professional meetings and also fashion shows, all projects that must be in agreement with the Pecci management and in line with its institutional purposes.

The entrance is free for people with disabilities and their caregivers. All galleries and facilities are wheelchair accessible.