Photo ©Paolo Biondi
The region is home to a variety of parks that fit every kind of interest
There are parks for everyone in Tuscany!

Tuscany boasts many possibilities for spending an unforgettable day with family and friends. Why not have fun at a park? Depending on your interests, you can choose between amusement, water, adventure, wildlife and theme parks.

Here’s a list of some of the parks found all around the region. Have fun!

If your idea of fun is swinging through the treetops like Tarzan and silently sliding across the sky on a zip line, then you should head to an adventure park!

These are some of the places where adrenaline junkies can do all sorts of exciting things:

Open your mind to imagination as you explore dinosaurs, mining tunnels, medieval villages, open-air museums and famous characters like Pinocchio…

A day at the water park is perfect for both relaxation and fun with friends and family. So go ahead and explore the pools, slides, acquagyms, solariums and much more that dot Tuscany!

Tuscany is home to all kinds of amusement parks, from children’s playgrounds to sports fields to skating rinks and bowling greens. Not to mention great entertainment shows!

Wildlife parks in Tuscany will win you over with their amazing natural settings, where you can spot many different animals living in their natural habitat: