The most interesting itineraries for a vacation for everyone
Tuscany for children: the proposals suitable for the whole family

When you travel with your family, it is always nice to live experiences that can be stimulating and funny for everyone: Tuscany, thanks to the beauty of nature and the richness of traditions, offers many solutions suitable for parents and children of all ages.

Here are some that are really original!

Didactic Farms

In every corner of the Tuscan countryside you can find farms and farmhouses open to the public: these are real oases of peace where you can relax in the open air, eat the genuine products grown on site and also witness all the work done on the farm.
Children can, depending on the case, pick vegetables, participate in milking animals and see firsthand what it means to live in relationship with nature.
The main purpose of these farms is to promote respect for the environment and animals and to bring children closer to a healthier and simpler lifestyle, starting with food.
In some cases, it is also possible to participate in traditional cooking classes.

Nature Train

A train coming from another era that brings our mind to famous magical sagas: this historic train, with a steam locomotive and carriages from the '30s, crosses the Terre di Siena and the Val d'Orcia stopping in picturesque country villages.
The train runs, from spring to autumn, are always combined with local food and wine events.

San Galgano and the Sword in the Stone

Between Siena and Massa Marittima it is possible to visit the wonderful remains of the Abbey of San Galgano: immersed in the green of the surrounding countryside, the abbey remains one of the favorite destinations for tourists and non-tourists. Venue of one of the most important Tuscan monasteries, today it is considered one of the most prestigious examples of Gothic-Cistercian architecture in Italy.

To enrich this place already teeming with charm and mystery, the legend of Excalibur, the Sword in the Stone, still visible today inside the hermitage.

Trips on the Arno

Admire Florence from a completely new point of view is possible thanks to the many proposals for trips on historical Florentine “barchetti” (small flat-bottomed boats): passing under the Uffizi Museum and the Vasari Corridor and admire the Ponte Vecchio from below is a unique experience that will leave everyone speechless. The Arno will welcome you silent and quiet and, especially if you choose the twilight hours, the magical atmosphere will win the heart of kids and grown-ups.

Hands in the dough, cooking class for children

There are numerous cooking class proposals to choose from with children: they range from traditional Tuscan dishes to pizza, desserts and gluten-free dishes.
Many schools propose many ideas even with only one parent for special moments to spend in harmony.

Castles and Fortresses

In a land rich in history and art like Tuscany, it is easy to follow a real itinerary to discover the most famous castles and fortresses: traces of medieval Tuscany are visible in many villages through fortresses, defensive gates and walled villages.
Among the most famous, mentioned also by Dante Alighieri, Monteriggioni which, inside the city museum, also houses an educational trail designed for young children: Monteriggioni in Arme, which retraces the period in which Monteriggioni was a military outpost of the Republic of Siena.
Each room houses reproductions of weapons and armors that illustrate the local history and techniques of siege and defense of a medieval castle.
Another medieval site of great importance is the Fortezza delle Verrucole: in the middle of Garfagnana, it dominates with its majesty the small center of Verrucole.
The castle is made up of two distinct structures on the two sides of the hill and can be reached on foot from the center of the village.
Inside the walls it is possible to explore the Archeopark, where you can experience the reconstruction of life inside the fortress, in the form of a living museum. The rooms have been rearranged as they were in the past and in addition to guided tours, laboratory activities are offered.


Thanks to the numerous historical testimonies that we can find throughout Tuscany, there are many proposals that museums make in all cities of art: both Siena and Florence, passing through the small villages scattered in the countryside, offer experiences designed for young kids and workshops to explore the daily life of ancient civilizations, or more important historical periods.
Also worth mentioning are several archaeological areas that organize real educational trails to learn history while playing.

Adventure Parks

For an unforgettable vacation and to spend a few hours relaxing in contact with the wildest nature, one of the most popular proposals for young people is that of the adventure parks: they range from proposals for acrobatic paths among the trees of Garfagnana to the aquatic ones of Lucca, up to Maremma where fun is guaranteed thanks to original adventurous ideas a stone's throw from the sea.