Wedding in Siena
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Say yes in the spectacular city
Where to get married in Siena

The allure of Siena needs little explaining. The wonderfully preserved medieval centre is nestled within a picture-perfect countryside that provides the ideal backdrop for photos as vineyards and elegant villas are dotted across the landscape. The gastronomic offerings and wines in the area are bound to impress guests and the many masterpieces of this historic city of art will leave you with unforgettable memories of a magic ceremony. Here, we take you through some of the public and private venues for the civil ceremony wedding of your dreams.

Historic public buildings

The Palazzo Pubblico, (City Hall) standing tall beside the slender Torre del Mangia in piazza del Campo was built between 1297 and 1319. The site of the City Council, it houses artistic treasures by the likes of Ambrogio Lorenzetti and Simone Martini that are truly awe-inspiring. In this venue, you have several options for your ceremony, depending on your style.

The Sala del Concistoro is romantically rose-tinted and is entered through a magnificent 15th century gateway attributed to Rossellino. The moment you enter (if you can tear your eyes away from your beloved), you’ll be greeted by a view of the fine Italian Mannerist cycle of Public virtues from Roman and Greek history, painted by Domenico Beccafumi (1529-1535).

The Cortile del Podestà is an iconic setting decorated with centuries-old coats of arms that inspire with their generations of familial heritage empowering your own. The iconic space is only rarely available for ceremonies and so presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the happiest day of your life.

The jaw-dropping Sala del Mappomondo absolutely makes a statement and ensures your celebration is of the utmost style and splendor. Dating back to the earliest period of the palace (1297-1310), the high ceilings, fantastically frescoed walls and centuries of history mean the whole space is imbued with an almost magic atmosphere.

The Sala delle Lupe is another interesting option, so-called given the two 14th-century marble wolves that stand over your ceremony. Coats of arms by Umberto Giunti as well as other cultural gems mean history and art fans will be endlessly intrigued.

Alternatively, you can choose the breathtaking Loggia dei Nove that dates back to 1348 and is accessed via the historic piazza del Campo (home to the world-famous Palio race). Situated on the fourth floor of the Palazzo Pubblico, it’s reached by climbing a staircase adored by The Virgin Mary, a fresco by Neroccio di Bartolomeo Landi in 1481. Once you’ve reached the Loggia, you are rewarded with an extraordinary view of piazza del Mercato and you can even spot the peak of Monte Amiata as you float above the city enraptured in your love.

Still in the heart of the city, you can choose the recently renovated stately historic building, Palazzo Patrizi. The elegant room for your ceremony is adorned with a frescoed ceiling and endlessly fascinating ornamental details. Fitting up to 94 of your loved ones, the warm and intimate space is ideal for celebrating your amore.

Those seeking something even more dramatic can choose the foyer of the Teatro dei Rinnovati. Be charmed by the typically theatrical elements that imbue the venues with a unique feeling. Art lovers will admire the elements from the 18th-20th centuries as each area is graced by features from different periods.

Literary lovers, on the other hand, will be thrilled to know you can get married in the Sala Storica of the Biblioteca Comunale degli Intronati, dating back to 1758. Book-lined walls accompany you as you walk down the aisle, sure to meet your happy ending. Located in the heart of the historic centre of Siena, over 500,000 volumes are lovingly fitted into the space to create a sensational display.

The historic Fonti di Pescaia takes its name from the nearby Pescaia stream where you can hear the water lapping as you say ‘I do’. The heritage here is well-worth exploring as traces of battlements and medieval times means there’s a story behind almost every brick.

Private venues

Le Volte di Vico Bello can be found on the farm of the 16th century Peruzzian Villa built by the Chigi family. Notably, this space was used by Cardinal Flavio Chigi, Pope Alexander VII’s nephew, for rest and relaxation. Now restored, the site can host 250 guests and is a mere 2km from the historic center surrounded by a lush park and classic Italian garden where the Torre del Mangia and the Duomo pop up in the backdrop of your photos.

What’s more typically Tuscan than wine? At the Castel di Pugna, you and your loved ones can sip on the very best, as this venue boasts centuries of wine-making excellence. Travelling along the avenue lined by cypress trees to the castle at the top of the hill, embrace as you admire the historic park and Italian-style garden as vineyards and a breathtaking panorama surround you. 

Five-star excellence at the Gran Hotel Continental ensures the ultimate experience for you and your guests, just footsteps from the main sights of Siena. Lavish Tuscan decor and frescoed ceilings lap you in luxury for a regal ceremony.

And last but not least, Palazzo de’ Vecchi is another ornately decorated venue for a feeling of nobility fitting given its setting. Dating back to the 15th century, the exclusive spot is the epitome of refinement and sophistication.

Ultimately, wherever you choose in Siena, you’re set to have the most wonderful celebration of your love, with your nearest and dearest sharing in the special occasion while in a spectacular setting.

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