A short route to enjoy Livorno’s historic town center and its coastline

Piazza Mascagni and Livorno’s waterfront by bike
by  Alberto Conte /en/authors/alberto-conte/
Road 10.5 Km
Daily tour
Technical difficulty
Very easy
Physical engagement
Very easy

Famous for its canals and Medici fortresses, Livorno is a city where the sea is the predominant element. This itinerary takes us to discover its historic center and coastline.

From the station square, we take the long straight stretch of Viale Carducci to head toward the large Piazza della Repubblica and the nearby Fortezza Nuova, a late 16th-century bastion that was part of the city's defensive system built by the de' Medici family and now used as a public park. We turn left following the canals to head toward the port, defended by the Fortezza Vecchia, the city's first military bulwark. Via bicycle paths we begin riding along the waterfront southward until we reach the splendid Terrazza Mascagni: Livorno's seafront promenade-belvedere that is certainly worth a detour (and perhaps a tasty ice cream).

The route continues between parks, marinas, small beaches and kiosks, in a succession of places that attract you to stop and relax; just over ten kilometers to be enjoyed very slowly.

Once past Antignano’s pier we will have two options: turn left along Via della Salute to reach the nearby Antignano station, load the bikes on the train and return to Livorno (or the place we started from), or turn our bikes around and ride back along the route in a different light and, perhaps, switch from ice cream to aperitifs.

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Physical engagement:
Very easy
Technical difficulty:
Very easy
Uphill elevation gain:
17 m
Downhill elevation gain:
19 m
Maximum altitude:
21 m
Recommended period:
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