4 days on the Isola del Giglio
A vacation by motorbike, enjoying the stunning colours of the Tuscan Archipelago
4 days

Leave your high heels, evening gowns and hair straighteners at home: once you get to the Isola del Giglio, you’ll only want to swim as far as possible from the shore to enjoy the island’s beauty in total silence. Giglio, in the heart of the Tuscan Archipelago, is the ideal destination for travelers looking to immerse themselves in nature, who love to take long walks (and hikes) and want to meet the locals. To reach this paradise, you need to take a boat from Porto Santo Stefano; the ferry reaches Giglio Porto in less than an hour.

A tip? Rent a scooter and stay on the island for at least 4 days: you’ll feel totally reborn!

First day
The bay in Campese and Giglio Castello
On the ferry from Porto Santo Stefano to Giglio Porto
On the ferry from Porto Santo Stefano to Giglio Porto - Credit: Marta Mancini

Hop on your scooter and head to Campese, one of the most famous bays on Giglio. Here, you can relax on your beach towel or opt for a comfortable chair at one of the resorts. The water is crystal-clear in the bay, while the sand is granite.

After spending the day under the sun, take a walk through the island’s historic centre: Giglio Castello will win you over, with its small piazzas, terraces and narrow streets. You can dine in a characteristic restaurant or osteria, enjoying local products like the white Ansonaco wine, tonnina, and the sweet panficato, made with figs.

Second day
The emerald waters of the Arenella and Giglio Porto
View from above of the bays on the Isola del Giglio
View from above of the bays on the Isola del Giglio - Credit: Marta Mancini

The Arenella beach, on the eastern coast of the island, is one of the most scenic beaches in Tuscany. The emerald-coloured waters blend with the sand and cliffs to create the perfect backdrop for a summer under the sun. If you like snorkeling, this is the right place!

For aperitivo, head to Giglio Porto, where the boat docked. In the evening, the town comes to life with music, events, concerts and people walking the streets (this is the most touristy part of the island). As you stroll around, you can go shopping, buying art and pieces made by local artisans as well as excellent typical products. Before calling it a night, sip on a cocktail made with Giglio’s blackberries: a true delicacy!

Third day
Hiking and a romantic night at the lighthouse
Punta Fenaio lighthouse
Punta Fenaio lighthouse - Credit: Marta Mancini

The “wildest” beach (and most impassable) on Giglio is located to the south of Cannelle and can only be reached by sea or on foot. Dedicate the third day of your vacation to a “slow” discovery of the island, following one of the many hiking itineraries that lead to Caldane. Giglio vaunts around 50km of secured hiking trails! Once you reach your destination, you’ll find an oasis framed by granite cliffs and golden sand.

At the end of this difficult day, “pamper” yourself with a stay at the lighthouse on the northern side of the island, in Punta Fenaio. The building houses a luxury resort and a restaurant. Plus, it’s a popular place for celebrating anniversaries and exclusive weddings. Far from the crowds and on the coast, you’ll find the touch of romance you were looking for on your holiday!

Fourth day
Boat tour of hidden bays
Isola del Giglio
Isola del Giglio - Credit: TPT

By your final morning on Giglio, you’ll know every secret and every flavour of this land, but if you really want to explore the island from an exclusive and unusual perspective, take a boat tour! From Capel Rosso to Cala dell’Alume, you’ll discover Giglio’s most hidden treasures.

For example, you’ll fall in love with the legend of the beautiful Marsilia, a young, Renaissance woman that, after being kidnapped by pirates, seems to have made the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent fall in love with her, becoming his wife.

Before leaving, pack your suitcase with a few bottles of grappa made with ansonica grapes, honey and preserves.